The ancient Egyptians were focussed on one single thing: revival. Hidden tombs, monumental pyramids and books of the dead are all testament to their undying quest for new life (!!). By the end of the 4th century, the last known hieroglyphs were the dying breath of Egyptian civilization itself. Millennia of cult for new life were buried under the desert sand, awaiting its own revival.

Credit The Met Museum

A year ago we had the opportunity to purchase a group of faience beads directly related to Flinders Petrie, a legendary archaeologist. Apart from their exceptional provenance, the objects as such were of little interest. Small, discrete, and long ago isolated from their historical context. Yet, more than any other, these humble coloured beads stand for all our brand is about.

Collectionism exhibits treasures of the past to be seen again. Oktaaf creates designs for the future, to be lived again. Egyptians were obsessed with resurrection. Our creations are made to wear, our stories are written to be told. These faience beads are a tribute to revival, they tell our story of new life.

Invariably, every burial ceremony ended with a single prayer. “You shall walk and speak, your body shall be with the great company of the gods. You are young again, you live again. You are young again, you live again. Forever.”

From us, for you.